The Yeoman lab is grateful for ongoing collaborations with top scientists locally and from around the world, including:

brianBrian Aldridge, U. Illinois:     Dr. Aldridge is a veterinarian with interests in the health and immunobiology of various animal species. His research interests and expertise align well with the Yeoman labs interests in the interactions between the early gut microbiota and gut-associated lymphatic tissues of production animals that are essential for a mature and appropriate immune system.



Rebecca M. Brotman, U. Maryland School of Medicine: Dr. Brotman’s research focuses on the epidemiology of bacterial vaginosis and infectious disease. Rebecca has helped us immensely in aiding our ability to conduct our research on the vaginal microbiome and is a beacon of knowledge in this area. We are extremely grateful for our continued and productive collaboration. Together we are applying metabolomic methods to explore the metabolite changes underpinning various gynecological morbidities or their co-associated risk factors to refine mechanistic hypotheses.Our ultimate goal being to develop strategies or therapeutics to improve women’s gynecologic health.

Larry Forney, U. Idaho:

Mary Miles, MSU

Jacques Ravel, U. Maryland School of Medicine:

Elizabeth Rink, MSU

Seth Walk, MSU:

David Weaver, MSU:

Travis Whitney, Texas A&M: