Dr Carl Yeoman – Principal Investigator

yeoman_lab_image-48 copyCarl is Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Department of Animal and Range Sciences, Montana State University. He researches the ecology and evolution of animal-associated microbial ecosystems in the context of health, development and nutrition of host animals.

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 Dr Tiffanie Nelson – NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Tiff joined the Yeoman lab in 2014, to work on the human vaginal microbiome. She has broad research experience – from the gut microbiota of Antarctic seals to changes in soil communities driven by sea-level rise. Tiff’s strengths include field-based experiments and metagenomics.

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Dr Suzanne Ishaq – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

yeoman_lab_image-55Sue joined the Yeoman lab in early 2015. Sue has expertise in high-throughput sequencing, anaerobic culturing, and probiotics in ruminants. Sue worked on the rumen microbiology of moose for her Ph.D. at the University of Vermont and is leading the bioinformatic efforts across various projects of the Yeoman lab

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Lola Betiku – Ph.D. Candidate in Animal Sciences

lola_headshotSchlumberger fellow and Ph.D. candidate Omolola Betiku (Lola) is working to determine how diet and environment influence the gut microbiota of rainbow trout. Her research will determine if biotic feeds can improve trout growth and performance in a changing climate. Lola’s project is a collaboration with the US Fish & Wildlife Service.


Joanna Borgogna – Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular Biosciences

joanna_headshotJoanna is a Ph.D. candidate who is working on models of the human vaginal microbiome and vaginal metabolites to improve our understanding of the biochemistry and micro-ecology of the system, and its relation to infection and disease .


Laura Brutscher – Ph.D. Candidate in Microbiology

laura_headshotA Project Apis m.-funded scholar, Laura is using a molecular biology-based approaches to investigate host-pathogen interactions of the honey bee. Her research has found a potential relationship between bee colony gut microbes and colony health. Laura is also genomically characterizing the bacteria associated with the Wheat Stem Sawfly to help control this highly destructive pest.


Medora Lachman – Masters Candidate in Animal Sciences

medora_headshotMedora is a Ph.D. candidate working on the successional development of rumen microbes in lambs, and its impact on lamb immune function. Her research is supported by the USDA and Land ’o’ Lakes.


Sarah Olivo – Laboratory Technician

sarah_headshotA recent graduate of the Animal Science program at Montana State University, Sarah oversees the daily operations within the lab and leads the sequencing efforts of the group.


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Elisa Santori – Undergraduate Researcher


Elisa is an INBRE-USP scholar who is in her senior year and working in the lab to determine the direct impacts of biogenic amines and amino acids on the growth of major vaginal bacteria.

Lab Affiliates

STEPHANIE KEENE – Graduate student (Advisor Mary Miles)


Stephanie is an M.S. candidate in the Nutrition Research Laboratory under Dr. Mary Miles. She is investigating the acute effects of endurance exercise on the levels of endotoxin and other inflammatory markers in athletes.

Lab Alumni

Katheryn Parea (Summer 2016), INBRE Fellow

Curtis Fowler (2015-2016), Undergraduate Researcher

Benjamin Americus (2015-2016), Undergraduate Researcher

Julie Buono Geddes (2015), Laboratory Technician.

Jessica Eggers (Summer 2014), Bozeman High School Research Intern.

Tasia Hvamstad (Summer 2014), Montana Apprenticeship Program Research Intern.

Raven Warner (Summer 2014), Montana Apprenticeship Program Research Intern

Thomas O’Neill (2013 – 2014) , Laboratory Technician.

Jeffery Swartz (Spring 2014), M.S. Animal Sciences.

Niall Clancy (2014) Undergraduate Intern

Josh Failing (Summer 2013), Montana Apprenticeship Program Research Intern.

Courtney Subatch (Summer 2013), Montana Apprenticeship Program Research Intern.

Kesley Westveer (Spring 2013), Biotechnology Intern.

Jillian Hatfield (Fall 2012), Undergrad Intern.

Emme Troendle, Research Intern.